Tarantula Day

I am working from home today. If you read my profile you know I manage money. The firm is located in Phoenix, AZ and I live in Prescott which is two hours away. I only go the office three days a week. When I am at home I spend my time watching CNBC, reading from many different market related web sites, writing about stock market things and answering emails. I can apreciate how boring this might sound but my fascination with markets and trading knows no limits.

Today I sent an email to Motley Fool, a web site a write for to ask about doing an article on Travel Zoo. The stock is getting whacked because they sold stock to investors 30% below what it is trading for in the open market. Not good. Isent the email at 6am and still have not heard back with a yeah or nay. Doh!

I dubbed this posting Tarantula Day because, the Prescott tarantula season opened today, wahoo! For those who don’t know, Prescott lies in the middle of tarantula migration path between Flagstaff and Phoenix. We see about a half dozen every fall at about this time. They are neat looking creatures. This one was on our walkway from to the house. I watched him squeeze into a little hole in the rock stairs.

Thats all for now, cheers.

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