I stumbled across an old article about covered call funds on The Street.com. As I read through I saw a reference to a fund in the group called the Eaton Vance Tax Managed Buy Write Fund (ETB).

Like all articles that mention specific securities it had a link to a quote, commentary and research. So I clicked on the research link to see what would be there. You can click here to see for yourself.

The link took me to a page at the Reuters web site offering a two page report that costs $35. Two or three pages to analyze a CEF makes sense to me but $35? I can’t imagine someone’s insight about one CEF is worth half that. I am hard pressed to think they are selling too many reports like this for $35.

Is it me? Maybe it is me. Maybe people are lining up to buy this type of report but I don’t get it.


  1. If you go to a certain large discount broker, and enter the symbol ETB, click on reports, and click on S&P reports, (ignore the statement tHat S&P has no report) you will get a two page report that is about the same as you will find on ETF Connect – i.e. Prospectus type info that you get on OEF’s plus data on NAV Dividends etc. all for free.

  2. I haven’t received any of these $35 reports but I have received some stock reports for free that they were selling online for $20-$30 each. I personally found them a complete waste of time even for free. They offered no insight, no opinion. They just gave you basic information that you can find for free on the internet – news headlines, accounting reports, the opinions of other analysts. I would agree – it’s probably a waste of time.


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