Austrian Coverage

Today on CNBC Europe they put this chart up showing the extent to which the benchmark Austrian ATX Index has outperformed the Dow Jones Stoxx 50 which is a broad, European,
large cap index.

Simon Hobbs, the show host, then went on saying they want to do more coverage of Austria and he asked for viewer help. He said that a lot of firms in the US might actually have better access to Austria than they do in the rest of Europe.

So I think we may see more attention, one way or another, given to what is going on in Austria. In general terms more attention might be expected to lift equity prices but it has had a nice run so an immediate reaction is not clear to me.

I first wrote about Austria last November as an investment destination and have mentioned it a couple of times since. I view it as a low impact way to play emerging markets for clients that are not comfortable with a normal emerging marker weight. The idea is that Austrian banks are financing a lot of the growth and expansion in central and eastern Europe.

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