We made it back Sunday night a couple of hours later than planned but none the worse for wear. I hope to have a picture or two posted later.

I have an email or two to catch up with, as you might imagine.

Stocks look like they will follow through from Friday’s nice lift. Asia was up huge over night and Europe looks like its having a good day too. I should look at my Trader’s Almanac to see if Halloween is usually a good day.

While I was away I sold Google. For the first $15 I was wrong because the stock has kept going but I had a general price target in mind and stuck to it which isn’t the worst thing in the world either.

Time to start in on those emails. I will post more, later.


  1. Nice bounce we’re getting but with the exception of some gold stocks I’m selling into it, not buying more; generally speaking (& GOOG included) I figure it’s pretty hard to go broke taking profits even if it later turns out there was an opportunity cost involved.

    Sounds like you had a good trip.


  2. Thanks for the picture, I hope to do an around the world cruise in a couple of years. I am sure it is good to be home.

    I continue to over-weight legacy airlines and Google. My forecast remains that crude will drop to $55 and then dance for quite a while before going lower. Airlines will do very well at $55 oil.

    Can you share your travel experience in relation to the flight? How many hours in the air at what price?

    By the way, I reiterate that Google is just getting started. Advertising revenues will pass TWX and NBC revenues this year; the amount of catalogued information is still relatively small. Sooner or later, the owners of books and videos will learn that there are revenues available by allowing Google to index.

    Some have focused on the “collision” of EBAY and Google.Base, however, the service will complement EBAY. EBAY will continue to be the largest advertiser on Google as Google.Base will be the easiest way to find out if an item is available on EBAY or elsewhere.

    Things like event calendars will be pervasive and very helpful once G.B is live. Again, welcome home and for your clients sake buy the Google back and add AMR, CAL or LCC.

  3. Why google keeps up when there are many insiders sold their shares.
    I got the free insider trading info from

  4. I have never thought that legal insider activity is the be all end all indicator.

    Without knowing the exact numbers at GOOG, if you own $4 billion worth of company stock and you sell $650 million worth, I would be hard pressed to say you are giving up on the stock.

    I would tell anyone to sell their stock. It has nothing to do with the company’s prospects, but ANY comapny can go away and having only a fraction of your money in one stock is advise that any planner would give.mjtq


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