Coming Home

We are winding down our visit to New Zealand. As write this it is Saturday morning and we are getting ready to leave where we have been staying and head to Auckland, where we will catch our flight on Sunday. We are going to check out Auckland as the last part of our vacation. We take off Sunday around 7:30 pm and arrive in LA around 10:30 am on Sunday. We’ll be home around dinner time on Sunday and things will be back to normal Monday.

What a trip. I’ll post a picture or two for those that are curious.


  1. Good to know that you had a nice vacation, though you missed the best part of New Zealand – namely, the South Island. Much like merely beating the S&P, when you could have gone for a 40% return!

  2. Hope you have a safe trip back and I’m looking forward to seeing some pictures!


  3. Dude:

    Did you say, ” . . . back to mormal Monday morning”?

    Might want to factor in some jet lag. It’s much worse coming back than going over.

    Drink Coke!


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