Some Names Are Coming Back

Some stocks that got hit earlier in the month have comeback nicely. Despite a couple of defensive moves taken client accounts seem to to be generally keeping up.

This is something I wrote about before. I’m willing to only be up 0.40% on a day the market is up 0.5% right now as was the case on Friday. Today, was a little luckier than that though.

It would be wise to wonder about too much euphoria coming back so quickly as seems to be the case right here.

I am worried about stock prices, but not rooting for a fall like David Tice appears to do (my opinion). Since I have plenty of US exposure, rooting for a drop would be more about serving my ego (I am afterall concerned about the next few months) than my clients.

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  1. Question:

    I’m interested in learning how you interpret the opening, low, high, and closing ticks on a day’s bar. Are there any general trends or thoughts to be relayed here.

    For example, seemed like the market rose sharply today and then gave back a bunch of gains toward the close. What am I to interpret from that, if anything?

    What kinds of actions are best? Weak opening, strong close???


    Welcome back!


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