Ono Its Apollo!

I did not really understand Coke’s Olympic commercials with the guys in the living room.

I have never understood the very high volatility of the education stocks, like Apollo Group (APOL). It seems like once or twice a year they all take a turn leading the group lower with day-ruining drops that take down the entire group.

A part of the problem, I think, is what they are selling, which is not necessarily tangible.

I have never owned one of these stocks because of the volatility. The idea of what they do is very appealing. A theory I subscribe to is the need for the American workforce to become more self sufficient and entrepreneurial in order to succeed. The type of education offered at these for-profit schools play right into this, but somewhere there is a disconnect.

Speaking of disconnect, Google!!

I have written several times since my too early sale that I no longer have a feel for what the stock can do so I am staying away. Today’s news and subsequent drop doesn’t really help!

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