Ron’s Gone

Ron Insana signed off for good today, sort of. He will no longer be a regular anchor on the network. I read in a couple of places that he plans to appear here and there and will retain some sort of title as an analyst.

Some readers have commented in the past that they think highly of Ron and that he is smart. It’s tough to know how much of the things he passed on to viewers he actually knew or was just that, passing on but, to the extent that he had editorial influence, he did go out of his way to educate viewers more so than the other anchors and for that I commend him.

In transitioning over to Maria for Closing Bell she gave him about the coldest “thanks, Ron” you can imagine, priceless!


  1. He was the most genuine of the bunch.

  2. I gave up on CNBC and switched to Bloomberg last year. I only turn on CNBC when Bloomberg does their “Money and Politics” hour. (I think Bloomberg, CNBC, and Fox all screw up comments on politics and finance – but I digress)

    Ron was one of the few remaining highlights of on CNBC. Well I’m sure they can compensate with uninformed enthusiasm.

  3. Yeah, heads are rolling over there. They booted Mark Haines from Squawk Box and handed the show over to Becky Quick. (Who seems like a perfectly nice person but . . . what is she? 24?) All the old cynics are going and they’re getting replaced by cheerleading eyecandy. I understand the ratings at CNBC aren’t what they were back in the Bubble but I’m not sure this is the way to fix it. It’s a niche market people.


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