Catching Up On Reader Questions

One reader asked what I thought if DFA Funds. The results have been fantastic over the years but they can only be bought through advisors. Personally I have very little interest in OEF however.

One reader asked for feedback from readers about tolerance for volatility. FWIW clients range from not being able to own equities to never opening their statements, point being there is no abnormal in this discussion.

A reader named Milo asked for my opinion about Nick Russo. I don’t actually know much about him. I believe he has some strong opinions about gold or oil or both. As a general rule I don’t worry too much about truly severe outcomes. The probability of something severe is quite low.

A reader asked for my thoughts on Latin America and specifically a fund that invests in the region from T Rowe Price. As I don’t really use OEFs I spend almost no time studying them. My thoughts on the region have been the same since before I started this site which is that the region benefits from what I think is a clear and obvious increase in demand for resources and I think exposure is very important for a diversified portfolio.

Tom from Indy left some great comments and a hearty welcome back, thanks Tom. What’s the deal with Floyd?

A typical house in downtown Reykjavic.

Out in the countryside of Iceland

More pictures to come.

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