So much for the lift holding for today.

I got a friendly comment from long time reader HLP, BTW he has left some great comments and info in the past, telling me to work less, hehe. While my wife agrees, I cannot begin to convey how much I love what I do.

I had a market related question about how much cash I have. It varies for all the usual disclaimers but maybe close to 20% for most folks, some less some more.

Having too much and being upset about missing a rally is tough but to the extent it is just an emotion it need to be and can be managed. As a matter of philosophy 70% cash or similar is a tad high if that is where you are.

One other asked about my opinion on iShares Switzerland as a bomb shelter play. Generally sure, I own Novartis for most clients for that very reason but the Swiss franc currency ETF may prove better. In the last few weeks, though, not so much as the dollar rallied at what I perceive to be the height of the recent middle east flare up.

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