That is the name of the peninsula where we are headed today before the US market opens. I do not know if the place we are staying has internet access or not, I may have to try to call Schwab collect to stay in touch.

World markets look weak, my guess as a reaction to the give back in the states yesterday.

I found this article out there about Deutsche Bank teaming up with PowerShares to enhance the commodity product and to work on currency ETFs, probably the one that will go long the high yielders and short the low yielders that made news a few months ago.

I will try to check in later.


  1. I confess, i’ve been reading your brother’s blog. what’s your take on nick russo? Does your brother tend to be bearish? Does the deflation scenario worry you to the point of planning an exit and altnerantive portfolio strategy?

  2. ROGER
    I have a aggressive account. Buy mostly Mutuals {well rated ones}. I am looking to put 5% of my $’s into Latin America Fund via TRowe. I had about 2% of $’s in their and it has returned 25% for me in the last 12 months. It looks solid going forward. I don’t need money to live on. It’s for 5 to 10 years down the road. PLEASE give you opinion of this fund and the future in Latin America. I would appreciate your review of the fund and your opinions, not editorial or about your smart recent moves, just opinion of this potential transaction.

    Thank You!

  3. Latin American Market?? Would Like to hear your thoughts, not how much you made in selling and buying ETF’s, BUT what do you think of getting into Latin America for a 5% of a portfoio at this time???? The Fund I am looking at is the TRoze Latin America Fund. Has done well and continues. YOUR real opinions on this fund and it possibilities over next 12 months?????????

  4. anon and Latin america fund
    This is your lucky day. I’m a hedgefund mgr, with one of the brightest records on the street. I like to sample a few blogs and saw your well focused question. You are obviously one of the smarter investors to have already been in LA. You may have some undeveloped brilliance. Could be part of some of your intutive attraction to underdeveoped countries. Why do you need someone to tell you what to do and to spoon feed you research? Please do not get ruffled, I’m just trying to help you. Give me a reason why the host of this blog should tell you exactly what to do and share his indepth analysis? If convincing, I will do my best to ask our host to accomodate you. I might even be moved to take you on as a scholarship client. Don’t forget, He who gives, gets something back. Goodluck!

  5. OT: To bond or not???? Where is the harbor of security.
    Here are two charts, see below. The first argues for recession and a bullish intermediate bond play. The second one says get out of dodge if long bonds are your game.
    The money mkt for me; cashis king and sitting out rallies is hard stuff…so I have half cash parked at western asset (intermediate bond fund, wacpx). I’m making money on the principal and getting interest, but as soon as unit price goes down, i’m out.

  6. Welcome back, Roger, to the United States of High Temperatures. We will see no relief this week per the weatherman. What was the translation of the name of peninsula you were headed to. Anything to do with beer? Tom in Indy

  7. Are you still in iceland. My manager checks out your blog on financial matters and he recently forwarded your blogs about iceland to me as I am here now and have gone back and forth here several times. Contact me at if you’re still in town and perhaps we could meet.


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