Last Day of Trading for RRGR

Today is the last day of trading for RRGR the ETF that I have been subadvising in partnership with AdvisorShares. Quite simply we failed to raise sufficient assets to make the fund viable. We tried to do something and it did not work out. Successes and failures are a part of a full life.

I had a very fun time with all of it and really enjoyed working with the crew at AdvisorShares for the last couple of years as we first went through the process to bring the fund to the market and then the ongoing process of managing and supporting the fund. It would have been much better if the fund had succeeded of course but having fun and liking the people you work with is not the single worst outcome we could have had.

To say I am grateful for the opportunity that AdvisorShares gave us would be an understatement, it was a genuine show of faith in what I have been trying to do with the blog and what our firm has been trying to do for our clients.

Thank you again to AdvisorShares and thanks you people who’ve been reading the blog over the years who offered encouragement along the way.

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