How To Retire at 30!

That is the title to my latest at Alpha Baskets which you can read here. This came from an article at MarketWatch about a couple who actually retired at 30 nine years ago. While that title certainly has a Money Magazine air about it there are actual lessons in their story that are useful for everyone.

MarketWatch had a very thought provoking post about a couple in Colorado who retired when they turned 30 (they are 39 now). In 2011 they took their story to the blogosphere with the very popular blog Mr. Money Moustache.

Their story is a combination of a high income when they were young, a very high savings rate, a very low spending rate and time spent becoming financially literate in terms of things like the 4% rule and other crucial building blocks of investment understanding.

Please click through to read the rest. The picture is obviously from Fenway Park.

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