Investor Refresher (An Intersection of Investing and Firefighting)

My latest post for Alpha Baskets looks at an aspect of behavioral finance with an example from the firefighting world that popped up when I took my EMT refresher. It’s the type of behavior we’ve all had at some point even if not with investing.

Like many firefighters I am an EMT. EMTs are on a two year cycle where they must accumulate 48 hours of continuing education and go through a 24 hour refresher class. Earlier this month I took the refresher with two other firefighters from our department. The process turned out to be far more involved than we realized. Essentially we crammed the entire EMT semester (the class people take when they first become an EMT) into three days of classroom time and then took the same final exam required after that semester-long class.

Please click through to read the entire thing.

The picture is of Walker Fire Water Tender 82 and Prescott National Forest Engine 930 staged for mopping up the Green Gate Fire last may.

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