The Minefields of Stock Market Content

My latest for Alpha Baskets is a bit of a departure; titled The Minefields of Stock Market Content. Lately there has been bit of a dust-up about anonymous content on Seeking Alpha and paid content on some more traditional stock market websites involving micro/small cap biotech stocks or as I have referred to them before; lottery ticket biotechs..

From the post;

A reader’s odds of stumbling across a bad actor or two probably increases dramatically if they read a lot of articles about lottery ticket-biotech stocks written by anonymous authors.

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The first picture is from the ghost town of Lowell, AZ which is essentially a one block town about a half mile from Bisbee. Specifically this is the one of the couple of store fronts with anything going on–it is a motorcycle repair shop. Much of the block is motorcycle themed as quite a few of the other store fronts have old bikes in the windows as shown below.

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