Einhorn Has It Wrong

David Einhorn made a little news yesterday with some bubble talk. I was asked for my take on on his comments which are posted at Alpha Baskets.

From the post;

A little more specific to Einhorn, I read this story in the WSJ and there they attributed a quote to him that a consensus is building that we are in another tech bubble (or words to that effect). That really isn’t the nature of how bubbles work–consensus building. When the next bubble comes, whatever it is, there will be some who do predict it of course but there will be no correct consensus about it.

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Gary Harley

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  1. I think the ‘consensus’ stage of the bubble is the phase when the bubble pops, no? Hard to say if we’re there yet, or even past that point already. I suspect we’ll know one way or another a few years from now. ;).
    Keep the great stuff coming, sir.



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