Getting Serious About Income Investing

My latest post at Alpha Baskets looks at and then expands on this week’s special report on retirement in Barron’s. I mention in the post that this is fun to write about because it is about problem solving; everyone needs to figure out how their retirement is going to go both financially and in terms of lifestyle.

In the past I’ve mentioned my not wanting to retire for reasons tied to my perception of healthy/successful aging by staying mentally engaged but on a slightly more humorous note, my wife asked what I would do if I did ever retire to which I answered “same thing as now and get paid for; study the stock market and run out the door to fight the occasional fire.”

From the post;

The article on alternative income solutions and strategies covered a lot of ground so not a lot of detail but was a good starting point for people starting realize that income investing is becoming more complicated. Buying a bunch of long-dated treasuries is no longer a favorable one-way trade. The article touched on ladders, all-ETF portfolios, actively managed solutions (funds and separate accounts), munis, closed end funds and a couple of others.


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As for the pictures, I just started an Instagram account and am having fun with the different effects. The first picture is of buffalo in Custer State Park in South Dakota and the other is obviously of the Empire State Building. You can find me on there at rogernusbaum.

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