June 30th



Not a great picture (never thought I would need one) of Granite Mountain Hotshot Superintendent Eric Marsh at the 2011 Prescott Basin Ops Drill. Eric was Chairman of the group that put this on for several years, I have been the secretary of group since 2011.

2013-07-16_10-32-00_6 (640x360)

The Shrine at Station 7. The engine that is coincidentally going by was from Buckeye Fire. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy Prescott had back-fill from departments all over the state.

2013-07-16_10-36-11_802 (640x360)

Station 7 was of course the home base of the Granite Mountain Crew. The memorial went almost completely around their station and parking lot. Behind the fence were all their POVs as you’ve probably read about but I didn’t take pictures of those.

2013-07-16_10-39-23_974 (360x640)

This picture is toward the back of the property where the station is located.

2013-07-16_10-41-31_31 (640x360)

The shovels struck a cord with me.

2013-07-16_10-43-16_171 (640x360)

Our department is Walker Fire, just below the ‘k’ in the word THANK.

This will be with the Prescott fire community forever (and no doubt many other regional fire communities as well) which is difficult but I continue to believe that the task of fighting wildfires will become safer at an accelerating rate because of this incident and the actual work of wearing yourself out fighting a fire is just as fulfilling as it ever was and that is ok, just try to stay safe…er.

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