The Journey To and Through Retirement

My latest at Alpha Baskets looks at the extent to which saving and investing for retirement is mostly a goal oriented pursuit but people need to be prepared to adapt if they come up short of their goal or their “number.” Someone who gets within 80% of what they think their number should be will probably be able to make it work but as we know from all sorts of studies, here’s another one, the vast majority of the population is nowhere close to where they need to be.

From the post;

If this is somewhat describing you then you have some sense of where you are in relation to your number. Are you 55, is your number $1.4 million with a time table for seven years from now? If that is you and you have $1.2 million then you have a pretty high likelihood of beating your number by a little. If that is you and you have $600,000 you probably have your work cut out for you which is ok.

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