What ‘Yukon Men’ Teaches Us About Retirement Planning

For many years we have been looking at the extent to which more and more people will need to fill retirement income gaps in increasingly innovative ways. I’ve shared all sorts of examples of this because I think it can be helpful and because it is fun to learn about the way in which other people figure out their own solution.

So one of the dozens of shows about Alaska is about this very subject although none of the people consider themselves to be retired, obviously from the title you know I am talking about Yukon Men. From the post;

The concepts of independence, resourcefulness and adaptability used to get by financially are intriguing and intellectually appealing on some level. To be clear I am not arguing for the lifestyle these folks have but at a higher level we could all benefit from a little more independence, resourcefulness and adaptability not just for when we retire but to help us when we have the occasional bouts of financial uncertainty that will come along at least a couple of times over our working years.

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