But Falling Oil Prices Was Supposed To Be Good For Stocks

This week’s market update is posted at AlphaBaskets looks at the havoc being wrought by oil as well as checking the latest on the deflation trade. We also found a magazine feature about Pips the dog that Joellyn and I took to the University of Washington to join the Conservation Canines program. His story keeps getting better.

From the update;

West Texas Intermediate Crude fell 4% on Friday alone and over 11% for the week making this the second week in the last three that this market has crashed. Crude has fallen almost 50% since June. Gold, hated metal that it is, is down roughly 35% in three and half years.

Please click through to read the entire update.



I got back from Spain very late on Friday night. I’ll have more to say on the experience in a subsequent post (I went because my father who lives there is having serious health issues).

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