Puerto Rico Too?

The weekly Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and covers a lot of ground for any week let alone one that is usually quiet headed into a holiday. From the update;

Even then it may not resolve as Prime Minister Tsipras has rejected the proposed “blackmail,” and will impose capital controls, additionally banks and the stock exchange are closed on Monday as Greek citizens continue to take cash out in case the country reverts back to the drachma. Banks are expected to reopen on Thursday. Tsipras has called for a vote by the Greek people on July 5th to decide what to do. Barron’s joked (we think they were joking) that Greece should take its remaining euros and buy puts on the equity markets that it will cause to decline by its actions.

Please click through to read the entire update.

Tomorrow is the two year anniversary of losing the Granite Mountain Hotshots. We put together the pictured shadow box to hang in tribute in the Walker Fire station.


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