Back To Bodie and the 10/90 Portfolio?

My latest post covers a lot of ground related how much pre-retirement income needs to be replaced in retirement as well as considering Zvi Bodies’ ideas on asset allocation (they tie together).

From the post;

The article makes note of something I have been talking about for years which is that some people live below their means. Someone very happy on a $40,000 lifestyle with a $60,000 take home pay would logically focus on their expenses not a percentage of their income. This can boil down to simple spreadsheet work but obviously it would be a bad idea to wake up on day one of retirement and decide “ok, I’m going to start tracking my expenses. “

The key here is about finding the balance between living a reasonable lifestyle before and after retirement as well as avoiding the extremes being 80, Cenegenics commercial-healthy and out of money versus dying with $20 million in the bank unspent.

Please click through to read the entire post.

Meanwhile the tour of the Grand Canyon continues. As time as gone on our interest in National Parks on multiple levels has continued to grow and we are fortunate to have some many of them in our timezone. The first picture is on a little trail from the North Rim Lodge out to a view point.



The second picture is from Cliff Dwellers. In my last post I mentioned the ruins and interesting rocks and this would be one of those rocks.




The last picture is from the Fire Center at the South Rim. In the foreground obviously is a Ranger with a backboard strapped in and behind that is a rescue rig. I got a tour from one of the dispatchers and he said they have fewer technical rescues (rope rescues that are either low angle or high angle) you might expect. While that is likely a relative assessment I thought it was an interesting comment.



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