Major League Baseball & Your Financial Future

My latest for Alpha Baskets looks at the road back from injury for a major league pitcher and ties it to the work needed to build and successfully implement a financial plan.

From the post;

Social Security certainly has issues and while there is plenty of debate about the magnitude of those issues I think it makes sense to be prepared for a worse outcome than what you expect to happen. Great for anyone who gets the payout they expect but I believe in being ready for not getting the full expected amount. Imagine a scenario where you’re off by one year such that the way it turns out everyone born one year before you gets their FRA as promised and starting your year there will be reductions and means testing. Not a prediction so much as a Murphy’s Law type of thing.

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Fenway is mentioned in the post so below is a picture from a trip there in 2008. That is the Sox’ dugout after beating the Arizona Diamondbacks.


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