2015: Did You Screw Anything Up Beyond Repair?

My latest for Alpha Baskets looks at the most important question for any year as indicated in the title above. As we’ve talked about many times, investors don’t even need mediocre results if they save properly and avoid catastrophic mistakes.

From the post;

In 2015 a major screw up could have come from chasing yield with too much exposure to MLPs. The space has obviously been decimated in 2015. Someone who had 3-5% in MLPs all the way down had a meaningful portfolio drag but with a properly diversified portfolio could easily be pretty close to the market and pretty close can get the job done. The person who heeded one of the countless articles from a couple of years ago suggesting 15-25% in MLPs has a much bigger problem.

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The first picture is self explanatory but was the only house we saw that was still plantation style architecture.



The next one is of Big Beach.



And picture number 3 is obviously Ladder 3 which is housed in Lahaina. This was the only truck I saw with the Hawaiian flag in the grill. Some sort of detail like this in the front grill is not an everyday thing but not unheard of  either.


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