Well, The Market Didn’t Fall As Much

The weekly Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following;

While there is no shortage of opinions about whether this is or is not a bear market for equities, we would say that the typical advisor doesn’t need to be correct about if it is a bear market but simply needs to meet client expectations in terms of communication and when appropriate, defensive action. And if this is the next bear market then it is important for clients to be reminded that bear markets historically are much shorter than bull markets and once a bear market ends, the next bull begins.

Please click through to read the entire update.

Over the weekend I played around with program called PhotoScape (free download, I have no affiliation with them) that lets you make collages and a few other things with your pictures.

The first picture is a collage of several wildland fire apparatus from the last couple of years.



The second one is from the NASCAR race in Phoenix that I went to last March. I always thought this sort of effect was very neat but didn’t have the software to do it.


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