Avoiding Unnecessary Risks In Firefighting & Investing

My latest post for Alpha Baskets looks at the behavior that goes with getting greedy near market tops and why this should be avoided. From the post;

There were a couple of different scenes where the crew went into burning buildings where there were no people believed to be, including some sort of chemical facility. There is a phrase in firefighting; risk a lot to save a lot, risk a little to save a little, risk nothing to save nothing. There is no empty building that is worth more than a firefighter’s life, going into a burning chemical factory (with no breathing apparatus mind you) is a totally unnecessary risk.

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The first picture is a 1929 Ford Hot Rod parked at Costco the other day. I could get a full shot due to the close parking situation.



The second picture is a Type 3 Engine (a wildland fire apparatus) from the North Rim of the Grand Canyon.


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