It Doesn’t Have to Be That Difficult

My latest post for Alpha Baskets looks at the extent to which make their lives much more difficult than it needs to be including how they invest. From the post;

So it is with investing. We look at behavioral factors that make investing so much more difficult than it needs to be. It may not be easy to participate successfully in markets but it is eminently achievable. Here, success is not defined by beating the market, as any mediocre (or better) investor will at least occasionally beat the market but all investors will regularly lag markets, but instead is defined by having enough when you need it (presumably for retirement) without blowing yourself up being too fearful or too greedy.

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As mentioned previously we are in Italy. We started in Milan and are now in Vernazza for a bit. Below are a couple of pictures of what we have seen.

The first one is the Basilica that is tucked in behind the Footlocker (seriously).


The other day I posted a panoramic picture of the Duomo, this one is up on the roof.


If anyone was going to see a fire truck in front of the Duomo, it would probably be me.


Last one for now is Vernazza, where I am posting from. It is part of Cinque Terre, the five villages down on the coast kind of near Genova (Genoa). There’s a lot of hiking to do here.



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