Moderately Constrained

My latest post at Alpha Baskets looks at the recent Barron’s cover story on Bill Gross and some of the strategies he has implemented under the hood of the fund he’s now running at Janus.

From the post;

In terms of trying to find bond proxies many have suggested more exposure to dividend paying equities which I have maintained is a terrible idea. Equities that have high dividends or growing dividends or any other kind of dividend are not bond market proxies they are equities and should be expected to trade like equities not bonds. There is nothing wrong with dividend oriented equities (although I would not suggest owning them exclusively in an equity portfolio), I am simply saying they are not substitutes for bonds.

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Exciting news for the Prescott area; we are getting an NBDL Team for the upcoming season. The Phoenix Suns are relocating and renaming the Bakersfield Jam to the Northern Arizona Suns. Part of the announcement included the Suns Gorilla and his Hummer H2. Our Hockey team folded a couple of years ago so hopefully NBDL can do so well that our area becomes attractive enough for minor league baseball.


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