Prepare For A Bear

My latest post for Alpha Baskets looks at our latest encounter with a bear while hiking here in Walker.

From the post;

Two weeks ago we saw the bear again on a different trail. We were almost to our turnaround point and Roscoe took off running, this could have been to chase a squirrel but I looked up and saw the bear. Roscoe ran down a little hill and started to turn the corner toward the bear all the while my yelling his name over and over. Roscoe stopped and came back to me—no way to know if he came back because I was calling him or because he realized he’d be in over his head against a bear. As soon as I started trying to call Roscoe back, I started to reach for my phone to take a picture, never taking my eyes off the bear and then the bear took off. I doubt the entire encounter was even ten seconds.

Please click through to read the entire post.

This picture is a grizzly from Yellowstone in 2011.


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