Time For Something Adventurous

My latest post at Alpha Baskets adventurous retirement options when people are in their 60’s as part of the long time idea we’ve been discussing about innovative retirement ideas.

From the post;

To the extent that Americans are collectively undersaved for retirement but for people who are a decent part of the way there (like $400,000 versus an $800,000 goal), they will have to take a more innovative approach to their retirement but they don’t have to be in serious trouble. People in their early 60’s who are fortunate enough to be healthy and fit will have more options to be innovative, like living in another country.

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The first picture another buggy from the Mint 400 taken last March.


The second Picture is an old Porsche taken in Verona, Italy in front of the arena.


And lastly a collage filtered to make all the vehicles appear orange.


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