Simplicity In All Things Including Portfolio Management

My latest post for Alpha Baskets looks at what I think is an overly complex idea for asset allocation. Before getting to the excerpt, I was included on the Top 100 Advisor Blog & Website list compiled by Feedspot. Thanks for including me!

From today’s post;

However, the idea that a job that is in the realm of being normal should dictate asset allocation strikes me as being very incorrect. I will concede exceptions (never say never) but if you’re 60 and either of your parents are alive then you need to plan on being around for a while. And if you are going to be around a while you probably want your money to last and that circumstance is far more important in determining a suitable asset allocation.

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I had to go pick up a truck from the fleet maintenance shop that works on the engines for most of the departments around here.

Copper Canyon Fire District Water Tender.


And a collage of Mayer Fire’s new structure fire engine.


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