Being Disciplined ¾ Of The Time Won’t Work

I sat down for an interview with Seeking Alpha about challenges facing investors in 2017. And by sat down for, I mean we had an email exchange.


Think about the energy sector. President Obama was not energy-sector friendly, but I would argue that energy stocks weren’t damaged by anything Obama did, but were instead done in by cheap money flowing toward mal-investment into wells and fields that could only be profitable at very high prices, but, of course, this created more supply that drove the price down. There are many historical examples where executive branch policy did not have the expected impact.

Please click through to read the entire interview.

Collage of a neat, yellow Harley Davidson.


From the Dodger Stadium tour.


Neat Macy’s in Pasadena, almost makes me want to go in…wait, no it doesn’t.


Neat lighting for LA County Patrol 99 stationed in Malibu.


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