“This Indecision’s Bugging Me”

The weekly Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following;

Currencies have been interesting of late. The dollar went up against the yen rather dramatically after the election getting as high as 118 in mid-December and has been rolling over very slowly ever since, closing at 114 on Friday. The euro went on a month-long slide after the election down to 1.04 but has been trending higher and is now at 1.07. The British pound actually rallied after the election up to 1.27, slid to 1.20 in mid January and now resides at 1.23. The fundamental argument against the three major currencies (lousy demographics, weak economic underpinnings) is simple and makes a lot of sense but the dollar index, commonly tracked as DXY has historically met resistance at 103 which is where it stalled out at its recent mid-December high.

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Today is day four of what is supposed to be a five day snow storm. We have more than a foot on the ground as of early Monday with estimates of close to two feet by later tonight. The higher elevations (above 7000 feet) were well above two feet as of yesterday (we live at 6600 feet and the fire station is down at 6300 feet).

We had two calls for the fire department on Friday before the really heavy stuff fell.

16178778_1503972006280324_2869538825448751456_o (1)

From our house looking at the higher elevations.


The view from our kitchen.


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