Hawkishly Dovish?

This week’s Market Update is posted and includes the following;

On the optimism side of the ledger, the University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey registered the highest numbers since 2000 for Current Conditions. Looking a little closer at the numbers, there is a shocking disparity along political lines. Republicans registered at 122.4,versus an overall number of 97.6, while Democrats came in at 55.3. As an adviser you likely have had clients ask you if they should make changes to their portfolio because Trump won the election. You also probably had different clients ask you the same question after Obama won in 2008. We are unaware of any long term investment strategy (as opposed to short term trading) that avers reactionary portfolio changes based on political outcomes. Staying disciplined is of course key to clients’ long term financial success and only being disciplined 90% of the time won’t get it done.

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Taken in the Mint 400 pit area before the Mint 400.


From the Mint 400 inspection day in Las Vegas


Pink camouflage?


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