No, You Don’t Own An ETF

My latest post for Alpha Baskets looks at a few interesting (and funny) items from the current Barron’s issue.

From the post;

There was an article about one of the publicly traded asset managers (naming names is complicated for compliance reasons). A reader shared that he owned one of this company’s energy sector ETFs in the comments section. No, he owned a closed end fund from a company with a similar name. The name mix up is one thing but not knowing the difference between a closed end fund and an ETF is problematic, potentially very much so. The CEF he owns just announced that 78% of its current “dividend” is actually a return of capital. An ROC does not have to be bad, but is something that someone who owns the fund should know and I am guessing he doesn’t.

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Support vehicle with a topo map paint job.


One of my favorite trophy trucks for the color.


I get a kick out of the spare tire (s) shots.


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