The Dark Knight Passes

The title as a nod to the passing of Adam West, the weekly Market Update has been posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following;

The action in emerging market exchange traded funds bears mentioning. The larger ETFs are up 15-20% this year after years of relative misery. As a building block of understanding, most investors would accept that a diversified portfolio would have exposure to foreign markets including emerging. The last few years of underperformance likely breeds impatience with the idea but it is important to remember that between foreign and domestic equities one must outperform the other in a given year and while someone could guess which will outperform this year, guessing is akin to hoping and hope makes for a lousy investment strategy.

Please click through to read the entire update.

From Monument Valley last October


LA County Fire in Malibu (it really surprised me how much I like the LA County rigs)


Rat rod bike of sorts


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