The Unfightable Wildifre

My latest blog post for Alpha Baskets looks at the overlap between wildfire behavior and stock market behavior with inspiration taken from the Goodwin Fire which for a time was unfightable. We caught a huge break with the weather last Thursday.

From the post;

There are certain fire behaviors that need to be understood as basic building blocks of understanding. Much like with markets, these building blocks aren’t infallible but do account for the vast majority of fire behavior. Understanding the basics is likely to reduce panic. As an example, at night, fire crews will conduct burning operations. Fire is less active at night because the temperature is lower and the humidity goes up. Fire tends not to rip at night so burning out removes fuel that it might otherwise rip through during the day. This night burning creates smoke that tends to hang low in the morning, trapped under an inversion layer that dissipates late in the morning and the smoke is then gone (toward the end of the fire).

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More pictures from the incident.

Gila Hotshots from New Mexico


Sequoia National Forest Type 3 Engine


National Park Service Type 3 from Yosemite National Park


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