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My latest post for Alpha Baskets is published and includes the following;

He makes fun, rightly so, of the question that invariably shows up on risk assessments that asks what you would do if the market crashed; sell a lot, sell a little, buy along with a couple of other answers that put the client in the position of assuming how they might react to some future event. This really becomes about working with the client to head off emotional responses before they happen. One way is simply reminding them that at some point there will be a bear market that will scare a lot of people. The bear market will end after some period of time and then the market will go up again. The only variable as I always say is how long it takes to play out.

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A roadside “museum” of all kinds of petroliana in various  states of condition between Taos and Santa Fe.


A neat fire house near El Morro National Monument


Unusual back end for a fire truck


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