Bitcoin Graduates From Mania To Hysteria

The weekly Market Update is posted and includes the following;

Last week was another strong one for mega cap tech with more strong earnings, a big product launch and news on Friday of what we will call (and trademark) a possible Quoadcom merger. We tend to believe that sector weightings are very important to monitor. Excessive weightings, relatively and nominally, have been harbingers of doom before and tech is now approach 25% of the S&P 500. Back in 2000 tech grew to about 30% and that of course became problematic. It would be productive to spend a little time taking inventory of the tech weighting you have in client portfolios and be cognizant of the potential need to scale back.

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Grand Teton National Park a few years ago.


It was National Bison Day on Saturday.


Never seen this one before, Prescott Fire Engine 731 which an airport truck but was parked in front of another Prescott Fire station house the other day.


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