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The weekly Market Update is posted and includes the following;

A couple of days ago, Bespoke reported that the tech sector had grown to 24.7% of the S&P 500. Sector weightings can be very constructive for warning of trouble ahead. In 2000 of course tech grew to more than 30% of the index which preceded a 50% decline. Then in 2007 the financial sector grew to about 20% of the S&P 500 which preceded a 50% decline. Twenty-25% in tech might not be problematic the way 20% in some other sectors might be but growing to 30% would be very concerning as an expression of some form of excess in the market that is likely to be corrected. Last week we mentioned a reformulating of the telecom sector to take in media and entertainment companies which could easily result the tech sector dropping from 25% of the S&P 500 to as low as less than 20%as some of the largest names in the sector are due to be reclassified. This creates something of a dilemma for watchers of sector weightings…unless a bear market starts before the change happens. An excess, to the extent there is one, wouldn’t simply be erased by reshuffling the deck.

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I have some very exciting news. In addition to my blogging with AdvisorShares I have also started blogging at This link is my first post and explains in more detail what I will be doing but the short version is it will be more like how Random Roger first started out. This link is to my “channel” at themaven, I put up several posts over the weekend to get things started. I hope you can check it all out.

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