Ditch That Nine to Five Now, While You Still Can!

My latest post with a title inspired by James Altucher is up at Alpha Baskets and includes the following;

However, it feels like they are underestimating the impact of an unfortunately timed bear market. Coincidentally I just a conversation about this with a client. We’ve talked here before about sequence of returns and the luck of when your first post-retirement bear market comes along. Without attempting to predict anything, it would be prudent for anyone planning to retire in the next couple of years to prepare for a bear to come shortly thereafter both emotionally and from a planning and allocation stand point (maybe set aside a little more cash to draw from).

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Monument Valley from about a year ago.


Devil’s Tower from 2012


One from Capitol Reef National Park from a year ago that I like a lot.



  1. your monument valley photo is amazing thanks


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