Random Roger Round Up

My latest post at Alpha Baskets looks at the extent to which your “retirement number” is hokum and includes the following;

For many years in these posts I have consistently said that having a goal can be useful but your number, your actual number is what you end up with, not what a website or advisor told you 30 years ago. What you end up is with your reality. If you’re 66, have $788,000 and want to retire, then can you make that work? Great if you can but if you can’t then something has to give. Either you don’t retire, you downsize your lifestyle, or you take a middle ground of working one way or another in retirement.

The other day a podcast with James Altucher and Nassim Taleb started making the rounds. I did a lengthy write up on their conversation with Part I and Part II of my writeup having been published on my page at TheMaven. Please check out both, Part III should be up tomorrow.


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