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Did Anyone Get The License Plate?

The weekly Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following;

Tech was also seen a driver of volatility after leading the market higher in January. While you might think that tech had a relatively bad quarter that was not the case. Looking at the more heavily traded, broad tech sector funds they were actually higher on the quarter as were narrower tech-themed niche funds. While there were some very loud news stories and painful declines in select names, the gains in tech broadly might serve as a reminder that most investors would be better off not trying to trade fast, short term moves.

And a couple of recent posts from my page at TheMaven;

There’s a lot of morons giving out investment advice.

Is it over for the cryptos?

Age related steps to take for retirement planning.

On Friday I hiked with a couple of buddies to the Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park. The hike is 7.2 miles round trip starting from Highway 89 a mile or two south of Yarnell going to the deployment site. During the Yarnell Hill Fire on June 30th, 2013, 19 of the Granite Mountain Hotshots perished. I will have more to say at the 5th anniversary but for now some pictures from the hike. The scenery is epic and the shrines are very touching.





Markets Crumble Under The Weight of Tariff Threats

The weekly Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following;

As a qualitative observation this drop doesn’t feel as panicky as the one in early February but interestingly both declines in SPX terms stopped at that index’ 200 day moving average at least that was the case at the close on Friday.

And from my page at TheMaven;

Thoughts on the 200 DMA holding.

Is the new shipping futures ETF a third degree burn waiting to happen?




There’s An ETF For That

My latest post at TheMaven looks at Howard Mark’s thoughts on managing volatility over the course of the stock market cycle and includes the following;

If you knew you could get an 8% return every single year for the next 20 years, I mean exactly 8% every year, and that the stock market would have a volatile ride to come out at the same spot in 20 years you’d take reliable 8% instead of the volatility.

And my latest post at AlphaBaskets has this;

If volatility is back, it makes sense for investors to ask themselves whether they should attempt to manage or smooth out their portfolio’s volatility. To my way of thinking, this is clearly part of an active investment strategy, but I would remind readers that active strategies don’t have to be implemented using only active funds they can be implemented with index (passive) funds. 


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March Magic

This week’s Market Update is posted at Alpha Baskets and includes the following;

The ten year anniversary of Bear Stearns going under was last week. It was an amazing period of history for markets as Bear was of course a venerable name on Wall Street and its failure created more awareness that any company can fail and of course even bigger names than Bear went on to fail or otherwise be rescued by the government. Barry Ritholtz quipped on Twitter that Bear Stearns was bought for less than what the Yankees paid to Alex Rodriguez.

And from my page at TheMaven;

The cost of retirement might be vastly overstated.

A look at a couple of well known fund managers who are changing their strategies to invest in Bitcoin.



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